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"A brand dedicated to growth through the service of the community and self care advocacy."

Our Story

Welcome to HarlieAngels, Inc holistic health and healing community page. Thank you for being apart of something so dynamic to healing and helping our communities.
HarlieAngels, Inc was started in January of 2018, with the initial longing to educate readers of the metaphysical and physical healing properties of raw, Gaia crystals.
After a fulfilling journey of empowerment and revitalization, I realized I was on embark for more of a lifestyle than a superficial vanity. Crystals had the power to offer spiritual advancements. If you dig deep enough, get it! Crystals bare “super powers” that ties them to corresponding chakras within the human body. With enough light work and manifesting, a serious ritual could transform energy and clear spaces if needed.
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With a new found clear foundation, I could start fresh on internal work to reinvent myself I thought. I cleaned up my diet, adopted a healthy sleeping schedule, and contrary to popular belief, dedicated myself deeper into Christianity.
That’s when I realized my spiritual enlightenment forced me to change as a person. My lifestyle was only fulfilling with a purpose. A purpose to heal and help others. I learned of the holistic ways of approaching life.
As my business received few notices, so did my hair. But I was struggling with the whole natural concept. Products left my hair even drier than before, frizz and fly aways haunted my selfies, and detangling my hair was a three hour job! Castor oil was my best friend after a while. It left my hair shiny after a co wash and it felt smooth. But I fortunately, that wasn’t the answer. 

A truly revolutionary background, Harlie Angels is the brand of transformations. If you seek change or spiritual growth this is definitely the branding community for you. It empowers you to tear down the old and from the ash build something more beautiful and wondrous in its place. Harlie Angels, Inc resonates from every natural curl to the base of every sole. A sense of better health with every chakra. Because of the compatibility of health and beauty, we are able to offer a wide range of holistic healing that ties in with spirituality and personal care. Revitalizing hair care products have the power to raise our vibrations and enable us to operate at our full potential. Strengthening follicles is just the first step on this journey of rapid evolution.



I ordered whipped Shea butters, coconut oils, and all kinds of ingredients to figure out what worked for my 4-c kinky natural hair. Finally, a concoction that help stimulate hair growth, and leaves my hair manageable. All natural, plant based ingredients made in an animal cruelty free lab based off my initial formula.